The Special Edition

The special edition of 70. You will receive a signed and numbered copy of the book plus a signed print of 21 by 26 cm (8.3 by 10.2 inch). Please chose one of the 4 photos below.

There is also a special edition available with all 4 prints in a custom made box. Of this edition only 30 pieces are available.


Photo 1: Remains of a traditional nomad winter house near Sershul (Tibet, Kham, 2011)

Photo 2: Classroom at Drango monastery (Tibet, Kham, 2010)

Photo 3: Workshop for Buddha statues in Jyekundo (Tibet, Amdo, 2011)

Photo 4: The New temple of Zurmang Namgyeltse (Tibet, Amdo, 2011)


'Freeing the Fish' special edition
Product Options
1Signed book with photo 1Euro 100.00
2Signed book with photo 2Euro 100.00
3Signed book with photo 3Euro 100.00
4Signed book with photo 4Euro 100.00
5Signed book in custom made box with all 4 photosEuro 250.00
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